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automated WCAG 2.x auditing

Looking to improve your client’s web Accessibility? This is not just for Agencies who develop websites, we also welcome Legal Firms, Membership Bodies, Consultants, or Business Services Providers.

Help your clients on their way to achieving US508, Canadian (AODA) and UK (Equality Act 2010) compliance.


  • Results in minutes
  • Unlimited access
  • Contract free

Lawyers, Digital Agencies, Service Providers

Your clients need to ensure the best possible adherence to Accessibility regulations. Automation is not the only answer but is the best way to scale and demonstrate working towards compliance.

With our intelligent prioritization reporting, moving towards WCAG 2.x compliance is easier than ever, with nothing to set up or manage. Why not send out free summaries to spark interest?

Our reports are available to rebrand as your own.

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With the size of our site, Sitemorse Accessibility testing makes what once was a daunting task into something far more manageable. The whole web team has benefited.


Having tried other reporting including Siteimprove and some free tools, LSBU wanted a more comprehensive view and approached Sitemorse for a solution.


Examples – your own WCAG2.x A/AA/AAA ranking?