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Is your website fully compliant with the required accessibility standards for your country and your industry? And if your website isn’t compliant, what do you need to do to rectify that situation?

Too many digital teams aren’t clear on either of these questions. They may not be fully aware they may be non-compliant and if they discover this, they then don’t know where to start to make the necessary changes. It’s no wonder so many websites fail when it comes to accessibility.

Thankfully there’s now something simple and straightforward digital managers can do to:

Accessibility testing on demand

Accessibility Center’s unique new accessibility website testing service delivers automated, on-demand website testing at the point of need.

Need to test your website because a compliance deadline is coming up? Just launched a new microsite and need to test for accessibility? Did the new website project run late so it was impossible to predict when you would need to carry out the testing?

With Accessibility Center’s new service you can organise the automated accessibility test there and then through a few simple clicks. The tests leverage Sitemorse’s powerful digital governance solutions. Sitemorse has been around for fifteen years and is a leader in the digital governance space.

Three steps to your free website accessibility test

To show you just how easy it is to get your website tested (and because we’re genuinely excited about our new service!) you can try it for free.

Here’s three easy steps to get your unique free accessibility website test. It comes without any obligations to buy and you don’t have to give us credit card details or any other related information. We won’t even send you follow-up marketing emails.

  1. Click on the "Try Now" button below. You can have up to 8 pages tested for free.
  2. Enter your name, your website address, your email and select the country. That’s all we need. Click on NEXT.
  3. Confirm you are not a Robot by ticking the reCAPTCHA box and click on "Start Free Audit"

And that’s it! You’ll soon receive your free accessibility tests by email.

Three targeted reports

You’ll receive three separate reports aimed at different stakeholders involved in the management of your website, including:

Each of these reports have links to really drill into the detail, right down to the page level, and is targeted to the needs of your team. They’ll be able to see what needs to be done in relation to accessibility with reference to WCAG 1.0 and 2.0 compliance.

Get in touch

We hope you find the results of the test useful! Our free accessibility test gives you a flavor of what’s possible with our automated website accessibility testing. Get in touch with us for more details about this exciting new service by emailing


About Accessibility Center

Accessibility Center is the first fit-for-purpose, automated Accessibility as a Service solution. Rather than offering endless reams of reporting, Accessibility Center provides actionable insights. These are divided between editorial and technical changes and are prioritised in order of importance, so making major improvements can fast and simple.


About the Sitemorse INDEX

Since 2002, the Sitemorse INDEX has provided an independent industry standard for bench-marking digital governance. Sites are reviewed and scored based on some 1,600 tests, checks and measures per page, identifying features that improve optimisation, experience and compliance. Since its inception, it has been the fundamental measure of digital capability for organisations that strive for online excellence.

Scoring highly typically reflects those that have strong digital leadership and understand the importance of providing the best visitor experience possible – and it reflects positively on the entire organisation’s operations and branding.

For further information, please contact Michael Simon