Accessibility news, useful references and articles

We've sourced external articles covering Digital Accessibility (US508 (ADA), AODA, RGAA 2.2, ISO/IEC 40500, EN 301 549, UK Equality Act 2010) for reference. Also, legal cases, news items of WCAG 2.0 from around the world, and WCAG 2.1 as it evolves.


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Latest, archived Accessibility articles:

Four ways to keep your web site accessible

Now you have a website with better accessibility the question is: how do you keep your website accessible?

How to deliver on accessibility obligations and aspirations

When asked whether their website is truly accessible, off the record, many digital managers will reply that they really want it to be, but there needs to be more work done.

Try free website accessibility testing service

Is your website fully compliant with the required accessibility standards for your country and your industry?


With the size of our site, Sitemorse accessibility testing makes what once was a daunting task into something far more manageable. The whole web team has benefited.


Having tried other reporting including Siteimprove and some free tools, LSBU wanted a more comprehensive view and approached Sitemorse for a solution.


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